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Why PatBase and Minesoft

 As specialists in tools for searching, analysing and managing patent information we can help you identify and implement the most suitable solution for your organisation.

We have partnered with Minesoft because they offer an excellent range of tools such as PatBase that can significantly enhance your patent information processes.


About Minesoft

 Founded in 1996, Minesoft is a global patent solutions provider, offering online products and services for:

  • Patent Research, Monitoring and Analysis
  • Patent Knowledge Management, Archiving and Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Document Retrieval
  • Engineering and Technology Research

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minesoft solutions


Extensive global coverage of patents. Flexible searching options.

Stunning integrated analytics.

Multi-lingual searching.

Machine translation tool.

Excellent review and sharing tools.


Simple way of searching patents.

Same comprehensive data as PatBase.

Easy-to-use interface makes patent information accessible to everyone in your organisation.


Stunning visual dashboard of the patent landscape relevant to you. Intuitive and streamlined interface.

Quickly gain competitive intelligence - identify both risks and opportunities.

Simple sharing and export options.


Patent knowledge management solution, combining high-quality, global patent data with an integrated workflow for monitoring, classification and dissemination of relevant patent records throughout your organisation. Capture competitive Intelligence for your business, increase current awareness with regular alerts on newly published patent data and enable better, faster, strategic patent-related decisions to be made.


 Designed for IP legal professionals for those fiddly daily tasks where you just need it immediately. 

  • Family tree mapping
  • Auto-populate IDS forms
  • Comprehensive Legal Status information
  • Powerful machine translations
  • Unlimited global PDF downloads


 High-speed patent document delivery service from over 60 countries

direct to your inbox or local folder in a single PDF file within minutes. Searchable PDFs, machine translations, central archiving and integration with PatBase and other Minesoft solutions.


Automated alert service that saves hours of time if you are looking to monitor changes to legal status of patent applications, granted patents and patent families.

Tracks changes weekly from worldwide patent authorities, including: INPADOC, USPTO, SIPO, JPO, DPMA and INPI.

Easy to read overview of changes.

 Drill into details and links to external patent offices where available.


Stress-free way to monitor legal status changes and events in patent registers from Europe and North America. 

Also includes the full INPADOC patent family and legal status. 

The time consuming task of manually tracking the status of applications is removed - you simply receive an email whenever procedural changes to monitored patent applications are detected.


  Alert service for monitoring patent citations of patents that are of interest to you.

Simple automated service saves

hours of valuable time every week by  alerting you to newly published citing and cited patent documents.

Ideal Competitive Intelligence resource for IP professionals, R & D, search

firms and technology transfer offices - keep a global eye on who is citing your patents and what they are citing.



Chemical database that enables you to instantly retrieve chemical compounds from the full text and images of millions of patent documents.

Review results efficiently.Covers all major patent authorities which publish in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean languages. Full chemical structure drawing capability and flexible search options allowing you to search based on exact or similar structure or substructure. 


Full range of IP documentation service with fast turnaround, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Order US and non-US File Histories, certified documents, non-patent literature and hard-to-find patents.


Simple to use platform for collaboratively reviewing, ranking, highlighting and organising patent documents and non-patent literature Clients can be assigned to projects to view ongoing work, with completely customisable permission levels, so

they can only view the areas that you want them to.