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George Mokdsi, Director

George Mokdsi, Director, The Patent Searcher

Our resident patent searcher and director, Dr George Mokdsi, has 20 years of experience helping companies and legal practitioners navigate the complex world of patents and scientific literature. He is highly regarded in the IP industry as a leading patent analyst having pioneered new and innovative processes and systems in this specialist field.  George has a  PhD in chemistry and has developed the highly specialised skill of searching pharmaceutical patents but also has vast experience and knowledge in all technical fields.  

George is the go to patent searcher and analyst for many top IP firms and organisations with sophisticated IP functions. He also consults and provides advice to government departments that deal with IP and innovation.

 With advanced knowledge of IP systems, patent databases and platforms, George also works with organisations as a consultant to help build and integrate IP solutions.

IP Experts Network


We work with a vast referral network of IP experts including:

  • Patent attorneys
  • Trade Mark attorneys 
  • IP lawyers
  • IP valuers
  • R&D tax consultants

IP Service Providers


We work collaboratively with other IP service providers and can refer you based on your requirements. These include:

  • Patent and literature database providers
  • Other patent research and analytics providers